who-we-are---houseOur headquarters as you know is prime real estate in the city of Richmond.  It is in extreme need of plaster repair, a new roof, and central heat and air.  We need the help of all regions, states, nations and local chapters to help us with this total facelift at headquarters.  In the executive board meeting in June, sisters were asked to pledge one thousand dollars ($1000.00) for the headquarters improvement project, which is now called, “ Project 2015”.  Can our organization count on you for support?  The pledge maturity date is June 2015, if not before.  We are asking locals to contribute one thousand dollars ($1000.00) as well to this project.  In 2014, Greensboro, NC., each local chapter who can and have completed their obligation the local president will be recognized in the, “Chapter President’s Spotlight March”.  We want every local chapter to have an opportunity to support “ Project 2015” sharing in this experience.  So we might have full participation and knowledge of all participating – local presidents should provide the state president an update and the state president will provide an update to the regional Vice President by November 22, 2013.

Committee Members

Dr. Jerri Robinson, CT chairperson

Mrs. Marie Coleman, PA co-chairperson

Mrs. Thelma H. Edwards, GA co-chairperson

Mrs. Helen Johnson, TX

Mrs. Mary Cotton, CA

Mrs. Kathy Johnson, OH

Mrs. Shelia Palmer, VA