Dr. Muriel Lemon Johnson (4th President)

4th President

Dr. Muriel Lemon Johnson, now Dr. Muriel Johnson Providence, served as our fourth president from 1978- 1986 and was also diligent in pursuing the dreams of our founder. As a hard-working, industrious and visionary leader, she located a spacious and elegant 15 room mansion at 609 South Davis Avenue, in Richmond, VA and led the organization in purchasing this building and liquidating the mortgage. This headquarters building was dedicated in November, 1981. Under Dr. Muriel Johnson Providence ‘s leadership and vision, the organization became International and in June, 1981, she held the first convention outside of the United States in Barbados , West Indies . After the convention, a chapter was organized in Trinidad . Dr. Providence initiated the Endowment Fund and established Regional Conferences as a means of introducing and taking the organization to the people. This concept has been instrumental in motivating many local and state members to attend the International conference.