Dr. Celeste Ashe Johnson (6th President)

6th President

Dr. Celeste Ashe Johnson served as our sixth president from 1994-2002. She was a woman of foresight, wisdom and quiet strength. Dr. Johnson developed and implemented “Six Standards of Excellence” and spent a lot of time, energy and effort on the infrastructure of our organization as she “Chartered the Course to Excellence in the Twenty-first Century.” She launched the “True Love Waits” Program with our PKs which promotes chastity and abstinence among teenagers. Dr. Johnson introduced “Project ’96” to refurbish our International Headquarters after major losses resulting from a break-in. She also focused on the needs of clergy-husbands by bringing them innovative and informative plenary sessions. Dr. Johnson was cited and honored by the Black Revolutionary War Patriots foundation for exceptional and outstanding service to the Foundation. Several new millennium projects were initiated by President Johnson, among them was the publication of the Minister’s Wife Devotional Bible. The C.A.Johnson/Wheeler Scholarship was awarded in Spring 2002 and will support one student for four years. Dr. Johnson envisioned and implemented the first Ministers’ Wives and Widows Conference on the continent of Africa, inCapetown, South Africa.