Dr. Beverly W. Glover

Dr. Beverly Williams Glover is the eighth elected president of The International Association of Ministers’ Wives and Ministers’ Widows, Inc.

Dr. Glover believes wholeheartedly in IAMWMW and its ability to reach and transform the minister’s wife and minister’s widow’s life to be of greater service to others. She seeks to focus on the entire clergy family emphasizing a stronger involvement on the preacher’s kids ( PK’s).

Dr. Glover, like the founder and the presidents before her has a vision for our organization. She seeks to address the needs of the ministers’ wife and minister’s widow through structured and extensive planned conferences, seminars, workshops and dynamic speakers. Dr. Glover stands firm on the belief our organization’s growth must continue as envisioned by our founder and former presidents. For the commemoration of the seventy-fifth convention year, she has launched, “Project 15” a capital campaign to upgrade our headquarters building. Additionally, the “Beloved Sister” award is given recognizing a minister’s wife or minister’s widow for her outstanding service, commitment and dedication to keeping the founder’s dream alive as she walks in the light of God’s love; praying, communicating, working and globally connecting.

Dr. Glover gives back to the community through many religious and civic organizations. The Georgia Association of Ministers’ Wives and Ministers’ Widows, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, NAACP, Order of Eastern Star, Church Women United, National Council of Negro Women, and Links, Incorporated. Her vision for the organization is for each sister to impart sisterly love one to another teaching by example in a manner pleasing and acceptable to God.

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